The Mock: Volume III

Weickel, Walker

Note: The mock was updated a couple of times, I did several rough drafts and left Kevin Gausman off my list. Obviously, Gausman is going in the first-round. Thanks for your patience.

It’s been a little over three weeks since the last mock, and while we still have what seems like an infinite amount of time until the draft takes place, we can now start what I like to call the “formulating” period. Basically, the last two mocks — while not in any shape way or form rankings or boards — were more about having talent fall where it belongs. For example, a player who was ranked eight on my board, it was more important for me to put that player in the four to twelve range in terms of picks over whether or not said team would be interested in him.

We’ve now reached a point, though, where it’s time to take a look at both what the player is going to ask for/likelihood of him accepting an offer from a club as well as what a team generally goes for early on in drafts. Take for instance my selection for the White Sox at pick 13. Do I believe that Addison Russell is the 13th best player in this class? No, but is he the type of player that Chicago has coveted under Kenny Williams? Absolutely. I’m not saying that you should write these picks down in stone, nor am I saying that I just threw names at a dart board for the previous two editions. I’m just pointing out that we have more data to compile now, and these should start to become a bit more accurate, I hope.

The big change in this draft is Kyle Zimmer moving to No.2 in place of Lucas Giolito. Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure what to do with Giolito. If he’s able to come back healthy, I don’t see any chance that he falls out of the top five. If he does have a set back — and I’m obviously rooting against that and don’t believe that’s going to happen based on the information I have, but he’s an 18 year-old kid — it’s tough for me to see a team taking a chance on him. If anyone was going to take a chance, however, I could see it being Chicago with the new regime in place. It’s a shot in the dark, but there’s a chance of it sticking.

One of the picks that might surprise some people is Deven Marrero to Kansas City, but I don’t think it should. Christian Colon hasn’t hit — and shouldn’t have been a top five pick to begin with — and is no guarantee to stick at shortstop. While I don’t see him having the upside of some of the other players taken in the top ten, he’s good value, and should be a fast-track player. Just a little something to keep in mind before I get hate mail.

Pick Team Name Pos. School
01 Houston Mark Appel RHP Stanford
02 Minnesota Kyle Zimmer
RHP San Francisco
03 Seattle Mike Zunino C Florida
04 Baltimore Byron Buxton OF Appling County HS (GA)
05 Kansas City Deven Marrero SS Arizona State
06 Chicago-NL Lucas Giolito RHP Harvard Westlake HS (CA)
07 San Diego Kevin Gausman RHP LSU
08 Pittsburgh Carlos Correa SS PR Baseball Academy
09 Miami Joey Gallo 1B Bishop Gorman HS (NV)
10 Colorado Max Fried LHP Harvard Westlake HS (CA)
11 Oakland Michael Wacha RHP Texas A&M
12 New York-NL David Dahl OF Oak Mountain HS (AL)
13 Chicago-AL Addison Russell
IF Pace HS (FL)
14 Cincinnati Stryker Trahan C Acadania HS (LA)
15 Cleveland Walker Weickel
RHP Olympia HS (FL)
16 Washington Marcus Stroman
RHP Duke
17 Toronto Rio Ruiz
3B Bishop Amat HS (CA)
18 Dodgers Brian Johnson LHP Florida
19 St. Louis Gavin Cecchini SS Barbe HS (MS)
20 San Francisco Zach Eflin RHP Hagerty HS (FL)
21 Atlanta Lucas Sims RHP Brookwood HS (GA)
22 Toronto Stephen Piscotty 3B Stanford
23 St. Louis Nolan Fontana SS Florida
24 Boston Albert Almora CF Mater Academy (FL)
25 Tampa Bay Clint Coulter C Union HS (WA)
26 Arizona Adam Walker 1B Jacksonville
27 Milwaukee Chris Beck RHP Georgia Southern
28 Milwaukee Courtney Hawkins OF Courtney HS (TX)
29 Texas Christian Walker 1B South Carolina
30 New York-AL Nick Williams OF Galveston Ball (TX)
31 Boston Patrick Wisdom 3B St. Mary’s
32 Minnesota Josh Elander C TCU
33 San Diego Branden Kline RHP Virginia
34 Oakland Travis Jankowski OF Stony Brook
35 New York-NL Keon Barnum 1B King HS (FL)
36 St. Louis Carson Kelly 3B Westview HS (OR)
37 Boston Kyle Hansen RHP St. Johns
38 Milwaukee Martin Agosta RHP St. Mary’s
39 Texas Kenny Diekroeger IF Stanford
40 Philadelphia Trey Williams 3B Valencia HS (CA)
41 Houston Tyler Naquin OF Texas A&M
42 Minnesota Ty Hensley RHP Santa Fé HS (OK)
43 Chicago-NL Victor Roache OF Georgia Southern
44 San Diego Kieran Lovegrove RHP Mission Viejo HS (CA)
45 Pittsburgh Alex Wood LHP Georgia
46 Colorado Stephen Johnson RHP St. Edwards (TX)
47 Oakland Corey Seager IF NW Carrabus HS (NC)
48 Chicago-AL Cole Irvin LHP Servite HS (CA)
49 Cincinnati Tanner Rahier SS Palm Desert HS (CA)
50 Toronto Cody Poteet RHP Christian HS (CA)
51 Los Angeles-NL Nolan Sanburn RHP Arkansas
52 St. Louis Richie Shaffer 1B Clemson
53 Texas Taylore Cherry RHP Butler HS (OH)
54 Philadelphia Josh Conway RHP Coastal Carolina
55 Chicago-NL Mitchell Traver RHP Houston Christian HS (TX)
56 San Diego Brandon Thomas OF Georgia Tech
57 Cincinnati Lex Rutledge LHP Samford
58 Toronto Kyle Twomey LHP El Dorado HS (CA)
59 St. Louis Duane Underwood RHP Pope HS (GA)
60 Toronto Lewis Brinson OF Coral Springs HS (FL)
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13 Responses to “The Mock: Volume III”

  1. v says:

    You’re forgetting a guy who will almost for sure go top 10…probably because he’s one of very few draft eligible sophomores…but Kevin Gausman out of LSU is definitely a top prospect. Rumor has it that he touched 102 in a game this season and he’s allowed only two walks. Look into him…I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up passing Appel in a lot of mock drafts as the season keeps progressing.

    • Chris Crawford says:

      I am, V. We have had some site issues and the wrong version of this posted twice. Will be fixed in the morning.

  2. Plowshare says:

    Giolito is the most intriguing guy in the draft. There’s a better than good chance that teams look back on 2012 and say “we could have taken that guy and we took…..(fill in the blank)?” Btw, he’s 17yo (not 18) and won’t turn 18 till after the signing deadline in July. He’s that young. 100mph with a hamner curve at 17yo? Send him my way. Kids this young heal up fast. You’re right, too good to pass up.

  3. AndrewP says:

    Chris- How signable do you project Zunino to be? My guess is ‘very’, b/c you’ve had him to the Ms in every mock. But, to take it a step further, would you be willing to throw out a number you think it would take to get him to sign, and then maybe discuss how that would impact the Ms ability to draft on Days 2&3?

    • Chris Crawford says:

      Not comfortable throwing numbers out at this point, but you’re guess on his sign ability is probably correct.

  4. Mike says:

    No Matt Smoral? Why has he fallen so far in your opinion?

    • Chris Crawford says:

      Smoral’s a first-round talent, but if things were to play out like I have listed — and they won’t — I think he would end up at UNC. Don’t be surprised if he’s in the top twenty of the next mock.

  5. Shawn says:

    I would hope the M’s shun the college catcher and go with the huge upside of Buxton. Zunino will very likely be an above average MLB catcher. Buxton has the chance to be a 5 tool superstar. You just don’t pass that up.

  6. David says:

    Lovegrove, Irvin, Poteet and Twomey that high? Not seeing it.

  7. Neifiisgreat says:

    Two questions:

    What leads you to think Roache falls all the way to the supplemental round? I’ve seen other mocks drop him out of the top ten, but not much farther. Any word on if he will be back prior to the draft?

    Where do you expect McCullers to be selected? Any idea of how strong his college commitment is? I have to think someone try’s him in the first two rounds.

    Thanks for the mock, it was interesting.

  8. E-Dub says:

    Agreed on McCullers. Even if you think he’s a reliever long term the guy had yet to allow a run in six starts heading into this weekend and has three pitches. Not sure Gallo is going to be a top ten pick. 1B projection and he’s not hitting this year. He could go first round to a team that like the power RHP Plan B he provides.

  9. baseball1 says:

    I think one kid that is being overlooked is Avery Romero from St. augustine Fl. Without a doubt the best pure hitter in the 2012 draft. Doesnt get alot of press but, don’t be surprised if he sneaks into the top 2 rounds. This kid can flat our hit and plays excellent defense with a 93 mph arm.

  10. Ohio Baseball says:

    Where is Taylore Cherry in the mix. He has been dominating the baseball scene in SW Ohio, reports say he is sitting around 94 on average and touching 96 on occasion. Seems to have firmed up his frame as well.

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