The Mock 2013: Volume IV

Ball, Trey

Quite a few changes this week, and for those who missed it on twitter, we’ll alternate new editions of The Mock And The Board every week until draft day, Which is exactly one month away. This is going fast.

Live draft chat to talk about the mock Wednesday at 2 PM EST. Cant make it? Leave your questions in the comments, will get to those first.

Pick Team Name Pos. School
01 Houston Mark Appel RHP Stanford
02 Chicago-NL Jonathan Gray RHP Oklahoma
03 Colorado Kris Bryant 3B/RF San Diego
04 Minnesota Austin Meadows OF Grayson HS (GA)
05 Cleveland Colin Moran 3B UNC
06 Miami Reese McGuire C Lakewood HS (WA)
07 Boston Clint Frazier OF Loganville HS (GA)
08 Kansas City Sean Manaea LHP Indiana State
09 Pittsburgh Kohl Stewart RHP St. Pius X HS (TX)
10 Toronto Trey Ball LHP New Castle HS (IN)
11 New York-NL Austin Wilson OF Stanford
12 Seattle Hunter Renfroe OF Mississippi State
13 San Diego J.P. Crawford SS Lakewood HS (CA)
14 Pittsburgh Braden Shipley RHP Nevada
15 Arizona Ryan Eades RHP LSU
16 Philadelphia Jon Denney C Yukon HS (OK)
17 Chicago-AL Dominic Smith 1B Serra HS (CA)
18 Los Angeles-NL Nick Ciuffo C Lexington HS (SC)
19 St. Louis Aaron Judge OF Fresno State
20 Detroit Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas
21 Tampa Bay Marco Gonzales LHP Gonzaga
22 Baltimore Alex Gonzalez RHP Oral Roberts
23 Texas Dustin Peterson IF Gilbert HS (AZ)
24 Oakland Andrew Thurman RHP UC Irvine
25 San Francisco Trevor Williams RHP Arizona State
26 New York-AL Ryan Boldt OF Red Wing HS (MN)
27 Cincinnati Hunter Harvey RHP Bandys HS (NC)
28 St. Louis Cody Reed LHP Northwest Mississippi CC
29 Tampa Bay Tim Anderson SS East Central CC (MS)
30 Texas Billy McKinney OF Plano West HS (TX)
31 Atlanta Travis Demeritte 3B Winder Barrow HS (GA)
32 New York-AL Jonathon Crawford RHP Florida
33 New York-AL Blake Taylor LHP Dana Hills HS (CA)
34 Kansas City Eric Jagielo 3B Notre Dame
35 Miami Connor Jones RHP Great Bridge HS (VA)
36 Arizona Josh Hart OF Parkview HS (GA)
37 Baltimore DJ Peterson 1B New Mexico
38 Cincinnati Michael Lorenzen OF/RHP Cal-State Fullerton
39 Detroit Phil Bickford RHP Oaks Christian HS (CA)
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23 Responses to “The Mock 2013: Volume IV”

  1. Andrew says:

    Do you think the Twins could trade up to get Appel or Gray? They have one of the worst Rotos in baseball. They do have several prospects that could be top of the ROTO guys but Gray and Appel have special stuff.

  2. Devin says:

    Is it possible Gray or Appel fall to the Twins? They really need an elite pitcher in their Roto. They do have a couple prospects that could be top of the roto guys but one of those 2 would be nice.

  3. Mike says:

    Your pick for the Twins is Meadows, they would love to get Gray or appel but I dont think that will happen. How good can Meadows become in the MLB? What type of player is he? If he reaches his full potential which established big leaguer do you compare him to?

    • Mike says:

      I actually think one of them well. For some reason, I think the Astros are going to take Frazier.

  4. Mike says:

    Wait, did that guy just ask if the Twins might TRADE UP in the draft?

  5. Ari Collins says:

    Why has Manaea fallen so far in people’s estimation? Is it just that the longer the season goes on without him showing last summer’s Cape Cod League dominance, the less it’s weighted in our minds?

  6. Ari Collins says:

    Reese McGuire to Miami: are the Mock Marlins reaching because they think McGuire is that good, are they trying to save money to use later in the draft, or are they just trying to save money because they’re cheap @(#%-s?

  7. Ari Collins says:

    If this was how things played out, who would be big losers and big winners, in your opinion? I would think that, compared to where they pick, the Marlins are really wasting an opportunity here, and the Pirates are really coming out ahead.

  8. Ari Collins says:

    What have you heard about Ryan Boldt that has him falling so far? Signability? Teams’ not being as high on him as Klaw and you are? Just doesn’t match up with anyone until he hits the Yanks? Thanks for answering all my questions?

  9. nmstar says:

    Two quick questions:
    1. Do you see any way Jon Denney lasts until pick 20?
    2. Is Nick Ciuffo a definite top 25 guy now?

  10. Bobby says:

    What kind of potential power grade would you give Frazier? In terms of purely offensive ceiling how would you rankFrzier, Denney, Smith, and Meadows?

  11. Ari Collins says:

    Can you explain to me the appeal of Colin Moran? Seems like he’d have to hit like hell to make up for his defensive shortcomings as a below average defensive third baseman or a guy who has to move to first. Am I underrating his defense, or is his bat really that special?

  12. Jason L says:

    What would it take for COL to pop Kohl Stewart at #3 rather than go with the “safer” pick of Bryant?

  13. Pedro says:

    How do Shipley and Eades compare to guys from last year like Heaney and Wacha? How would you rank them?

  14. Jay says:

    Where do you see lb dantzler getting drafted?

  15. didycel says:

    Where do you rank Stephen Gonsalves? Big projectable HS lefty. A steal for someone in the second round?

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