Best/Worst of Day Two:

Wahl, Bobby

There was a lot of good — and a whole lot of bad — on day two, which was to be expected with the CBA rules, which I keep calling new but are now two years old. I’ll have in depth previews of each team starting Monday, but wanted to get you something on each teams best — and most questionable — pick of day two.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Best Value:No. 120 — Matt McPhearson/ OF/ Riverdale Baptist H.S. (Mary.) : McPhearson can really run and has a plus hit-tool, and could be an everyday centerfielder at the next level.

Questionable Value: No. 120 – Daniel Palka/ 1B/ Georgia Tech:  Palka has some power, but I don’t think the bat is going to be good enough to justify playing first base.


Atlanta Braves

Best Value: N0.102 – Carlos Salazar/ RHP/ Kerman H.S. (Calif.) : Salazar can bring it — consistently 94-96 — and if the Braves can coach up the secondary offerings he’s a future mid-rotation guy.

Questionable Value: No. 133 – Tanner Murphy / C / Malden H.S. (Mo.):  I can’t tell you much about Murphy, who wasn’t on my list of 500 players. Doesn’t mean hes bad, just can’t call him good value if I know nothing about the guy. That’s the definition of questionable, isn’t it?


Baltimore Orioles

Best Value: N0.219 – Drew Dosch / 3B / Youngstown State: Dosch went under the radar this year because of how many good third baseman there were in college baseball, but he’s got a good hit tool and I think can stay at third for a while.

Questionable Value: No. 98 — Stephen Tarpley/ LHP/ Scottsdale C.C. (Ariz.): There’s no denying Tarpley’s ability, but his size and character issues are pretty risky with a top 100 selection.

Boston Red Sox

Best Value: N0. 81 – Jon Denney  / C / Yukon H.S. (Okla.): I was stunned that Denney didn’t go yesterday, but not stunned that a quality drafting organization like the Red Sox acquired him. A steal.

Questionable Value: None. Great draft.


Chicago Cubs

Best Value: N0.138Trey Masek / RHP / Texas Tech: I expected Masek to go in the first two rounds, and the Cubs got very good value  here in the 5th round.

Questionable Value: No. 75 — Jacob Hannemann/OF/BYU: I heard some folks compare Hannemann to Jacoby Ellsbury today, but I think that’s a pretty unfair comp. There are some tools, but Ellsbury was a much more advanced prospect than this, and I don’t see his upside.


Chicago White Sox

Best Value: N0. 123Andrew Mitchell/ RHP/ TCU: I almost went with Trey Michalczewski with this choice, but I think Mitchell is more likely to sign. Even if Mitchell is a reliever — and he probably is — this is solid value in the fourth round.

Questionable Value: N0. 91 — Jacob May / OF / Coastal Carolina: May can run, but I don’t think he’s going to hit enough to be anything more than a fourth outfielder.


Cincinnati Reds

Best Value: N0.285 – Chad Jones /LHP /LSU: I have no idea if Jones can still pitch, but to say that I’m rooting for the kid is an understatement.

Questionable Value: No. 104 — Mark Armstrong/RHP/Clarence H.S. (N.Y.):  Armstrong was more of a fifth-round talent to me, with none of his pitches projecting above-average.


Cleveland Indians

Best Value: N0.171 – Casey Shane /RHP /Centennial H.S. (Tex.) :  I am higher on Shane than the industry is, I love the size (6-4,200) and the fact that he doesn’t turn eighteen til August. I think he’s a very intriguing lottery ticket.

Questionable Value: No. 79 — Dace Kime/RHP/Louisville: Some that I’ve talked to think that Kime can start, but I see him as a reliever at the next level, and I think there were better relievers available.


Colorado Rockies

Best Value: N0. 169 – Dom Nunez/ C / Elk Grove H.S. (Calif.) : This depends on two things, the first being that they can sign Nunez and the second being they can convince him to catch. If they can, though, he’s a solid value that I thought my go in round two.

Questionable Value: No. 199– Konner Wade /RHP/ Arizona: If he hadn’t have pitched so well in the College World Series last year, there’s no way Wade goes in the first 200 picks.


Detroit Tigers

Best Value: N0.  186 – Calvin Drummond / RHP / Arizona Christian : Drummond has a checkered past, but he also has two plus pitches that could see him in the Detroit bullpen in 2015.

Questionable Value: No. 126– Austin Kubitza /RHP/ Rice: I give Kubitza a ton of credit for a very, very good college career, but his arm action and stuff just doesn’t represent a top 150 pick.


Houston Astros

Best Value: N0. 197 – James Ramsey / OF / South Florida : After there great draft last year, I shouldn’t be surprised that the Astros found one of the hidden gems in this class. Ramsey can absolutely go get it in centerfield, and if he can hit enough to play everyday, he’s a very valuable player.

Questionable Value: No. 137– Tony Kemp /2B /Vanderbilt: Look, I get how fun it is to have a 5’5” guy playing well for a good college baseball team like Vanderbilt. That doesn’t make you a good draft prospect.


Kansas City Royals

Best Value: N0. 114 – Zane Evans/ C / Georgia Tech: I think Evans is a better prospect as a closer, but I get the thought process of seeing he can catch everyday.

Questionable Value: No. 82– Carter Hope /RHP/ The Woodlands H.S. (Tex.): Hope was an overdraft by about three rounds, and I’m guessing this was a signability thing.


Los Angeles Angels

Best Value: I’m not sure I’d call anyone here great value, unfortunately. Not their fault that the CBA destroys teams that try and improve themselves in the offseason.

Questionable Value: No. 95– Kenyan Middleton /RHP/ Lane C.C. (Ore.): Middleton is very athletic, but he’s got nothing that projects as above average in terms of secondary offerings.


Los Angeles Dodgers


Best Value: No. 95– Brandon Trinkwon /SS / UC-Santa Barbara: I am higher on Trinkwon then most, and think he may have a chance to stick at shortstop. At worst, I see a very good utility infielder.


Questionable Value: No. 92– Brandon Dixon /3B/ Arizona: Dixon doesn’t have the arm strength or power to stick at third base, and is probably a backup corner infielder at the next level.


Miami Marlins

Best Value: No. 112– K.J. Woods /1B/ Ft. Mill H.S. (S.C.): I don’t love Woods game, but you cannot deny his raw power, maybe the most raw power of any high-school player in the class.

Questionable Value: No. 80– Ben Deluzio /SS/ First Academy H.S. (Fla.): Deluzio has ton’s of athletic ability, but not a ton of baseball skils at this point. Tough for me to justify taking that in the third round.

Milwaukee Brewers

Best Value: No. 272– Tyler Linehan /LHP/ Fresno State: Linehan had a pretty poor year for Fresno State, but he’s got above-average stuff from the left side. We’ll see if the Brewers can figure out how to bring out that stuff consistently.

Questionable Value: No. 90– Barrett Astin /RHP/ Arkansas: I can’t see Astin being anymore than a long reliever at the big league level.


Minnesota Twins


Best Value: No. 95– Stephen Gonsalves /LHP / Cathedral Catholic H.S. (Calif.): This one comes with some obvious caveats, as he was not good this year and there’s some character stuff here as well. That being said, if he can pitch like he did in the summer, this is great value.


Questionable Value: No. 170– Brian Navarreto /C / Arlington-Day H.S. (Fla.): If he can stay behind the plate this could look foolish, but at 6-4, 220 I don’t think that’s very realistic.




New York Mets

Best Value: No. 146– Jared King / OF / Kansas State: I’ll just be blunt, there was no reason for King to fall this low, and when I see some of the names picked ahead of King I wonder if some teams don’t need to take a serious look at their scouting system.

Questionable Value: Don’t think there’s a bad pick in this group. Nice job, Mets.


New York Yankees

Best Value: No. 103– Michael O’Neill / OF / Michigan: I was really surprised O’Neill fell this low, mainly because I had heard so many teams were considering him in the second round. Those teams loss is New York’s gain.

Questionable Value: No. 284 — Conner Kendrick / LHP / Auburn: It’s good when your most questionable value doesn’t come until the ninth round, but Kendrick was a non-prospect in my eyes.


Oakland Athletics

 Best Value: No. 161– Bobby Wahl / RHP / Ole Miss: If you would have told me before Thursday that Wahl would have been a value pick, I would have probably called you crazy. But at 161? There’s too much arm strength here not to like that.

Questionable Value: No. 100 — Ryon Healy / 1B / Oregon: If Healy could play third I wouldn’t have an issue with that, but I don’t think the bat plays at first.


Philadelphia Phillies

Best Value: No. 89– Cord Sandberg / OF / Mississippi State: I don’t know if he fell for baseball reasons or college football fears, but the Phillies were very fortunate to acquire a talent like his this late.

Questionable Value: Amazingly, this might be my favorite draft.


Pittsburgh Pirates

Best Value: No. 87– Jacoby Jones / OF / LSU: The tools haven’t always shown up — in fact the tools haven’t shown up very often at all — but the tools are still there, and he could be a competent centerfielder or a very good second baseman.

Questionable Value: No. 119 — Cody Dickson / LHP / Sam Houston State: There’s projection in Dickson’s arm, but I need to see more consistency. A lot more consistency.


San Diego Padres

Best Value: No. 118– Mason Smith / OF / Rocky Mountain H.S. (Id.): I think Smith could become one of the true steals of this draft, and it should come to no one’s surprise that the Padres pulled the trigger. They just get it.

Questionable Value: No.86 —  Bryan Verbitsy / RHP / Hofstra: This was obviously a signing pick — which the Padres needed after their picks in the first second and fourth, but signability at 86 isn’t great value, necessary as it may be.


San Francisco Giants

Best Value: No. 282- D.J. Snelten / LHP / Minnesota: Snelton may want to try his luck at going back to school and improving his stock after an injury plagued junior year, but he’d be very nice value for the Giants in the ninth round.

Questionable Value: No. 101 — Case Johnson / RHP / Cal-Poly: I think there’s some talent in Johnson’s right arm, but we haven’t been able to see it enough to justify being a (nearly) top 100 pick.


Seattle Mariners

Best Value: No. 85– Tyler O’Neill / OF / Garibaldi SS (Can.): I don’t think O’Neill is a steal, but this was solid value for O’Neill’s bat, assuming they can buy out his commitment to OSU

Questionable Value: No. 117 — Ryan Horstman / LHP / St. Johns: I know literally nothing about Horstman. He may be Cy Young reincarnated. I’m not really a fan of making up information, so I’ll just say this pick was pretty questionable.


St. Louis Cardinals

Best Value: No. 275– Nick Petree / RHP / Missouri State: Is Petree going to become an ace? No. But he’s got a great chance of maxing out his upside and he has very good command and feel for pitching.

Questionable Value: No. 93 — Mike Mayers / RHP / Ole Miss:  I was a fan of Mayers coming into the year, but his stuff and command have both dropped this season.


Tampa Bay Rays

Best Value: No. 218– Ty Young / 3B / Louisville: I think Young can stay at third base, and there’s some offensive upside. A good risk in the sixth round one way or another

Questionable Value: No. 158 — Johnny Field / OF / Arizona: Field had some helium coming into the 2013 season, but a poor 2013 season dropped him off of my top 200 prospects.


Texas Rangers

Best Value: I didn’t see much in terms of value here, sorry Ranger fans.

Questionable Value: No. 99 — David Ledbetter / RHP / .Cederville College: Again, there’s some projection here, but the secondary stuff is not not close to a top 100 pick.


Toronto Blue Jays

Best Value: No. 175– Matt Boyd / LHP / OSU: There was some first three round talk with Boyd, but this is much more accurate in terms of value. He has an outside chance to start, with a floor of a quality reliever.

Questionable Value: No. 115 — Evan Smith / RHP / Mary G. Montgomery H.S. (Ala.): There were plenty of choices for this selection, unfortunately, but this one takes the cake.


Washington Nationals

Best Value: No. 226– Jimmy Yezzo / 1B / Delaware: Yezzo is going to have to hit to play, but I think he might just do that. At worst I see a solid bench bat.

Questionable Value: No. 106 — Drew Ward / 3B / Leedey H.S. (Okla.): Yep, you’ve heard of him because of the ridiculous totals against inferior competition and because he was able to enter the draft as a junior. That doesn’t make him a good prospect, though.









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