Process Grades: Day One

Stanek, Ryne

Well, it was a fun — but long — day. Thanks to everyone who came out to the chats on MLB-DI and ESPN today. I had fun. Boy am I tired though.

All in all, I think teams did pretty well today. There were some notable exceptions, but the process today was solid. I won’t bore you with my “you can’t grade results yet but you can grade process” talk, but, you can.

Teams are listed in order of their first pick. Enjoy! 

Houston Astros — I loved what they did. Mark Appel was the best player in the class, and Andrew Thurman has mid-rotation stuff and a great feel for pitching. When you can get good probability and upside, you get a pass.

Chicago Cubs – I would have taken Gray, but I have been high on Kris Bryant all year. Rob Zastrynzy was a bit of a reach, but I’ll go pass.

Colorado Rockies – Whether they would’ve taken Bryant over Jonathan Gray at this point is irrelevant, the fact is they got one of the two best players in this draft, and I liked the Ryan McMahon and Alex Balog picks as well. This one gets a pass from me.

Minnesota Twins — Kohl Stewart was the best player on the board, and Ryan Eades has shown No. 2 stuff at times. Pretty easy pass.

Cleveland Indians -- Well, this one will be controversial, but, while I like Clint Frazier, I think passing on Braden Shipley and Austin Meadows as a mistake. I could look like a real nincompoop for this, but I’m going fail. Don’t hate me, Cleveland.

Did some thinking about this one, and I ended up going with a pass. Look, I prefer Austin Meadows and Braden Shipley, but I give the Indians credit for taking a prep guy with more upside than Moran or something along those lines. I don’t change grades often, but, I think a good night’s sleep made things clearer.

Miami Marlins – I should give the Marlins a passing grade just for not going cheap like almost everyone assumed, but they got a solid third-baseman in the first round in Colin Moran, a potential No. 2 in Matt Krook, a solid mid-rotation guy in Trevor Williams (with potential for more if they can get him to figure out how to miss some bats with his stuff) and one of the better relievers in Colby Suggs. Another pretty easy pass.

Boston Red Sox — Well, I didn’t see this one coming. The Red Sox have done such an outstanding job in the draft the past few years that I sort of assumed they would have one of the better drafts on paper, but that’s not the case. I like Trey Ball, but he was more of a mid-first then a top ten guy, and Teddy Stankiewicz more of a third rounder for me as well. It wouldn’t stun me if they kill it in the later rounds, but today was a fail.

Kansas City Royals —  I was already to give Kansas City a fail, and then they took Cody Reed with pick No. 46. Getting three first-round talents has to equal a pass.

Pittsburgh Pirates – I loved the Pirates draft today. Austin Meadows is a potential star, Reese McGuire is much better value at 14 than 9, and Blake Taylor has a ton of upside in his left arm. Easy pass.

Toronto Blue Jays  — Phil Bickford is intriguing, but a reach. Clinton Hollon is intriguing but a reach. The Blue Jays are a good organization but fail.

New York Mets – I think they made the right choice in taking Dominic Smith over D.J. Peterson, but Andrew Church was a major reach for me. Gotta go with fail, but it’s very close.

Seattle Mariners – They took the guy at 12 I would have taken at 49 (Peterson) and the guy at 49 I would have taken at 12 (Austin Wilson). Either way, it’s a pass.

San Diego Padres – I think the Padres have usurped everyone to become the best drafting team in baseball. I loved the Hunter Renfroe pick at 13, I loved the Dustin Peterson pick at 50, I loved Jordan Paroubeck at 69. They just get it. Pass.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Loved Braden Shipley at 15, and think he was probably the steal of the draft. Aaron Blair is a solid mid-rotation starter, and they get a bit of a lottery ticket in Justin Williams. I think it’s a pass.

Philadelphia Phillies – There were a lot of teams that did well that I haven’t been traditionally found of in terms of draft process, and one of those is the Phillies. J.P. Crawford was outstanding value at 16, and Andrew Knapp was the best collegiate catcher available by a long shot. Pass.

Chicago White Sox – I have been critical of the White Sox drafts in the past as well, and I’ll continue to be this year. Tim Anderson was a reach at 17, and Tyler Danish was nowhere near a second round talent. Pretty easy fail.

Los Angeles Dodgers – This wasn’t a bad draft by Los Angeles — Chris Anderson wasn’t a huge reach and Tom Windle went right around where he was supposed to be — but the Dodgers got very little upside, which shocked me. It’s a moderate fail, and a surprising one considering so many guys they targeted were still on the board.

St. Louis Cardinals – When you have the best farm system in the game, you can afford to play it safe, and that’s what the Cardinals did with Marco Gonzales and Rob Kaminsky. I was not a fan of Oscar Mercado’s this year, but he’s an interesting pick if he can get the bat going again. Not a sexy draft, but a pass.

Detroit Tigers – They took three guys that are going to pitch out of the bullpen for the majority of their careers. No thanks. Fail.

Tampa Bay Rays — They — like the Padres — just get it. Stanek falling into their lap helps, but pass.

Baltimore Orioles– They took the only guy that wasn’t in my top 200 of the night in Chance Sisco, but I liked the Hunter Harvey pick a lot, and Josh Hart was fine value at 37. I’ll go pass.

Texas Rangers– I was very surprise when I saw that they took Chi Chi Gonzalez, but it was great value. Akeem Bostick was a reach in the second round, but they took Demeritte in the right place. Pass.

Oakland Athletics – Loved the choice if Billy McKinney in the first, loved Chad Pinder in the compensation round, and Dillon Overton was fine value in the second. Easy pass.

San Francisco Giants — Just because I projected the Giants to take Christian Arroyo doesn’t mean it’s an endorsement. Then, in the second round, they took a guy I had a fifth round grade on in Ryder Jones. So in the first and second round, they got third and fifth round players. Not the goal, pretty easy fail.

New York Yankees – Like the Phillies, I have been critical of the past few New York drafts, but I really liked what they did today. Eric Jagielo could be their starting third baseman in 2015, Aaron Judge’s raw power is enormous, and Ian Clarkin is a potential No. 3 starter. Gosuke Katoh was a reach in the second round, but they did so well with the first three that it’s another easy pass.

Cincinnati Reds – They slightly over-drafted Phillip Ervin, and they slightly over-drafted Michael Lorenzen, and they went about four rounds too high for Kevin Franklin. Have to give it a fail.

Atlanta Braves – The value wasn’t horrible; I had Hursh as one of the 45 best players ( went 31) and Caratini was in my top 100 (went 65). This was the hardest team to grade, but i ended up going with a fail. It’s really close, though.

Milwaukee Brewers – Love it. Devin Williams should have gone in the first 25 picks and I love the moxie for the Brewers to take him at 54. Getting him signed could be tricky, but step one is great. Pass.

Los Angeles Angels – See what I wrote about Devin Williams, put in the name Hunter Green, and make the pick a little easier to sign, and you get another pass.

Washington Nationals – Jake Johansen isn’t nearly as exciting as the other first picks by the “no first-round gang”, but is a top 100 player and should be a fairly easy sign, which is important when you have the lowest funds of anyone in the draft. Pass.


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    Great job on the recap (and the draft coverage in general)! I think you may have forgotten about Cincy…not seeing their grade above.

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