The Mock 2013: Volume VII

Frazier, Clint

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It’s draft week!

Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday: Final Board, 1-100

Wednesday: Mock and (hopefully) a draft chat. I gotta find a free one. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Thursday morning: Final mock if necessary. It almost assuredly will be.

Thursday night: I have ESPN responsibilities to take care of, but I’ll be doing something for the website as well. Whether that’s a chat or just updating my thoughts pick by pick I do not know. But I’ll be doing something for you guys.

Have at it!

No.1; Houston Astros
Name Position School Slot
Jonathan Gray RHP Oklahoma $7.7904M
This selection is still very much in the air; and it likely will be all the way up until draft day. Colin Moran is very much in play, and Kris Bryant is still being discussed. At the end of the day though, I still think Houston takes Gray, but absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point.


No.2; Chicago Cubs
Name Position School Slot
Mark Appel RHP Stanford $6.7084M
All spring long, we have heard that Chicago had narrowed their options to Appel and Gray, with the Cubs selecting whichever right-hander the Astros passed on. I still think that’s the likely scenario, with the only possible caveat being that Appel prices himself out of the Windy City. I don’t think that’s going to happen, and if the Cubs are lucky enough to get Appel they’ll have a guy who can compete for a spot in their rotation as soon as next year.



No.3; Colorado Rockies
Name Position School Slot
Kris Bryant 3B/RF San Diego $5.6264M
The Rockies have been attached to bats all spring, but if Appel or Gray were to fall into their laps I think they’d jump all over it. Bryant is the best hitter in this class, so this would be a very nice selection for the Rockies. I’ve also heard Austin Meadows, Moran and Dominic Smith as possibilities here.


No.4; Minnesota Twins
Name Position School Slot
Kohl Stewart RHP St. Pius X High School (Tex.) $4.5444M
I think Stewart is — and should be — the selection, but I’m not as confident about this as I was a few weeks ago. The Twins are still very much considering Reese McGuire with the fourth pick, and I think they would consider Kris Bryant if he fell to this spot. Minnesota also would likely snag Gray if he were to fall to this point. 


No.5; Cleveland Indians
Name Position School Slot
Colin Moran 3B North Carolina $3.787M
The only way Moran would fall any lower than this is if Cleveland has their choice between he and Bryant, as I think the Indians would likely select Bryant in that situation. This is as high as I’ve heard Clint Frazier mentioned, but I think they still prefer to go the college route, as they have for so many years.


No.6; Miami Marlins
Name Position School Slot
Austin Meadows OF Grayson High School (Ga.) $3.5165M
I have had D.J. Peterson in this spot the last couple of mock drafts, but it looks like that isn’t as likely at this point. Meadows was outstanding in their private workout, and it would fit in with the Marlins preference for high-school players over their history. Braden Shipley is likely next on their board, and this would be the absolute lowest Gray or Bryant could fall. Kohl Stewart also could go here if the Twins did pass.


No.7; Boston Red Sox
Name Position School Slot
Braden Shipley RHP Nevada $3.2465M
Boston is all over the place, and one of the tougher reads at this point. I’ve heard them connected to Frazier, but I think the lack of projection makes it unlikely he goes this high. I think Shipley is the best pitcher left on the board, though I’ve also heard them connected to Ryne Stanek and Alex Gonzalez as well. If Meadows is still on the board he’s a consideration as well.


No.8; Kansas City Royals
Name Position School Slot
D.J. Peterson 1B New Mexico $3.1378M
As tough as it is to get a handle on what Boston will be doing, it’s even more difficult to get a read on the Royals. It appears that the Royals prefer the collegiate route in this year’s class, though I’ve heard both Trey Ball and Frazier at this point as well. This could be Ryne Stanek as well, but his struggles to throw strikes has hurt his stock. I wouldn’t take Peterson this high, but he appears to be very high on several teams boards, including Kansas City.


No.9; Pittsburgh Pirates
Name Position School Slot
Reese McGuire C Kentwood High School (Wash.) $3.0296M
Both the Pirates and Blue Jays have shown a great deal of interest in McGuire, and the only way I see the Pirates passing on him at this point is if someone like Shipley or Moran were still on the board. If McGuire were to go Minnesota, this could be Peterson, Trey Ball or Hunter Renfroe.


No.10; Toronto Blue Jays
Name Position School Slot
Clint Frazier OF Loganville High School (Ga.) $2.9214M
The Blue Jays haven’t been as tied to Frazier as some other teams have, but I get the feeling Toronto isn’t enamored with anyone available in this year’s class and someone with Frazier’s offensive ability could be very appealing. If McGuire was to get past Pittsburgh I think he’s the pick, and I think Meadows, Ball and J.P. Crawford are all in play as well.


No.11; New York Mets
Name Position School Slot
Dominic Smith 1B Serra High School (Calif.) $2.8403
The Mets will be disappointed that Meadows is off the board in this situation, and I can’t see him getting past New York if he’s available. Smith may have the highest offensive upside of any hitter in this draft, though, and would fit with the organizations recent trent of high-upside prep players. I’ve also heard Renfroe discussed here, as well as Stanek and Shipley.


No.12; Seattle Mariners
Name Position School Slot
J.P. Crawford SS Lakewood High School (Calif.) $2.7591M
If Meadows or Peterson are available I think that’s the preferred route, but the Mariners have shown a ton of interest in Bickford this spring. Renroe has been linked here quite a bit, as has Stanek and Renfroe. A wild-card here could be Phil Bickford, who has some helium coming into the week.


No.13; San Diego Padres
Name Position School Slot
Hunter Renfroe OF Mississippi State $2.678M
San Diego has also shown interest in Bickford, and I’ve also heard them connected with Smith, Peterson and Crawford. Trey Ball has the projection that the Padres have coveted over the last few drafts, but I haven’t heard his name connected as of late.


No.14; Pittsburgh Pirates
Name Position School Slot
Trey Ball LHP New Castle High School (Ind.) $2.5698M
It isn’t terribly common to see teams pick two high-school players in the first fifteen picks, but if Renfroe is off the board I think he’d be next on their board. This would also be Frazier’s floor, as well as Peterson’s.


No.15; Arizona Diamondbacks
Name Position School Slot
Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas $2.4345M
I actually don’t see Stanek falling this far, but if he fell to 15 the Diamondbacks would have a tough choice to make between he and Alex Gonzalez, whom they have been attached to for most of the latter part of the spring. If both players were gone, Renfroe could be a possibility, as could Crawford and Aaron Judge.


No.16; Philadelphia Phillies
Name Position School Slot
Ian Clarkin LHP Madison High School (Calif.) $2.2993M
This would be a disappointing draft board for the Phillies, who have shown a ton of interest in both Smith and Ball. If they’re both off the board I think Clarkin is the guy, with the next likeliest options being Tim Anderson and Bickford.


No.17; Chicago White Sox
Name Position School Slot
Tim Anderson SS East Central CC (Miss.) $2.164M
The White Sox have been linked mostly to college pitchers over the year, but the lack of power arms available could make them change their tune. Chris Anderson and Alex Balog are possibilities here if they do chose to scratch their itch. Some have linked Bickford and Hunter Harvey here, but the White Sox generally avoid prep pitchers early like the plague.


No.18; Los Angeles Dodgers
Name Position School Slot
Phil Bickford RHP Oaks Christian High School (Calif.) $2.1099M
Nick Ciuffo and Jon Denney have gotten some play here, but most of the names I’ve seen connected to the Dodgers are prep hurlers, and Bickford has the size and arm strength that they look for.  


No.19; St. Louis Cardinals
Name Position School Slot
Alex Gonzalez  RHP Oral Roberts $2.0558M
I expect the Cardinals to come out of thie first round with a pitcher and a bat, and if Gonzalez is still on the board I think they’ll jump on him. If Gonzalez isn’t available Judge could be a target, as could local product Devin Williams and Tim Anderson.


No.20; Detroit Tigers
Name Position School Slot
Devin Williams RHP Hazelwood West High School (Mo.) $2.0017M
The Tigers haven’t had a first-round pick since 1948 (slight hyperbole), so it’ll be interesting to see how they attack with the new slotting rules. I’ve mostly heard them on arms like Williams, Hunter Harvey and Kyle Serrano.


No.21; Tampa Bay Rays
Name Position School Slot
Nick Ciuffo C Lexington High School (S.C.) $1.9747M
The Rays have been attached to high school catchers all year, and Ciuffo represents the best backstop on the board.


No.22; Baltimore Orioles
Name Position School Slot
Alex Balog RHP San Francisco $1.9477M
Baltimore is another team that is all over the place; I’ve heard about six or seven names that could here including Josh Hart, Austin Wilson, Connor Jones and Phil Ervin. I think they’re probably more likely to take Balog at 36, but he’s the name I feel the most comfortable putting down for now.


No.23; Texas Rangers
Name Position School Slot
Austin Wilson OF Stanford 1.9206M
The Rangers are — stop me if you’ve heard this one before —  all over the place, I’ve heard Rob Kaminsky, Travis Demeritte, Josh Hart and several others attached to this spot. In the end I think the talent of Wilson is just too much to pass on this late.


No.24; Oakland Athletics
Name Position School Slot
Hunter Harvey RHP Bandys High School (N.C.) $1.8935M
The Athletics have been attached to Harvey all spring, and if he’s still on the board I think he’s the pick. If he’s not or they choose to go another direction, I think prep arms like Serrano or Matt Krook would be the alternative, with Wilson and Judge also getting some play.  


No.25; San Franciso Giants
Name Position School Slot
Matt Krook LHP St. Ignatius High School (Calif.) 1.8665M
The hot rumor is that San Francisco is going to take Christian Arroyo and sign him to an under-slot deal, but they’ve been linked to Krook most of the spring. Chris Anderson, Marco Gonzales and Andrew Mitchell are all possibilities here as well.


No.26; New York Yankees
Name Position School Slot
Billy McKinney OF West Plano High School (Tex.) 1.8394
New York has a bit of a predicament on their hands, as they would love to get both McKinney and Kaminsky, but the Reds have shown interest in both. I think the prefer the offensive upside of McKinney, so that’s the route they go. Eric Jagielo and Wilson have also been strongly linked to the Yankees.


No.27; Cincinnati Reds
Name Position School Slot
Chris Anderson RHP Jacksonville 1.8124M
It would be tough for them to pass on Jon Denney, especially with the Reds having so little in terms backstop tallent, but Anderson’s arm may be too tempting for them to pass on late in the first round.


Pick Team Name Pos. School
28 St. Louis Aaron Judge OF Fresno State
29 Tampa Bay Marco Gonzales LHP Gonzaga
30 Texas Travis Demeritte SS Winder-Barrow HS (Ga.)
31 Atlanta Eric Jagielo 3B Notre Dame
32 New York-AL Rob Kaminsky LHP St. Joesph HS (N.J)
33 New York-AL Jon Denney C Yukon HS (OK)
34 Kansas City Phil Ervin OF Samford
35 Miami Aaron Blair RHP Marshall
36 Arizona Kyle Serrano RHP Farragut HS (TN)
37 Baltimore Josh Hart OF Parkview HS (GA)
38 Cincinnati Cody Reed LHP NW Mississippi CC 
39 Detroit Andrew Knapp C California
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18 Responses to “The Mock 2013: Volume VII”

  1. JG says:

    The red sox are going to go for highest ceiling players, I think tgeir board would go 1. Stewart 2. Frazier 3. Meadows 4. Moran 5. Shipley

    • Chris Crawford says:

      Would agree with that, but I don’t think the Red Sox view Frazier to have more upside than Meadows or Shipley. We will see.

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  3. Mike says:

    As a Yankees fan, I would love this draft.

  4. Chris Crawford says:

    This would absolutely be the Yankeee’ dream draft, though it would likely mean they would have to go very cheap the rest of the draft.

    • Mike says:

      Even if those three cost $2 million each (which is probably a bit high), they still would have $2.35 million for their next nine picks, or about $261,000 per pick. Cheap, but not extremely.

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  6. Bobby Jones says:

    Where do you see Chad Pinder from VT going! Saw him this weekened at Blacksburg and he is an absolute stud.

    • Chris Crawford says:

      Could go in this range, would expect him to be off the board by the end of the second round.

  7. casey says:

    Thanks for all the great draft work here and at ESPN. Have you heard of any names linked to the Twins at 43? All I have heard are Boldt, hunter green, and Reed. Any in site would be great!

    • Chris Crawford says:

      Boldt makes sense because of the local angle. Have heard Reed but don’t think he’ll be around. If they go prep with pick No. 4 I’m pretty sure pick 43 will be a college guy.

  8. lou says:

    As a red sox fan i’m hoping for meadows or frazier.

    • JG says:

      We all are, me preferably Frazier, but cant go wrong with either, Bens a very smart guy and I beleive in him, as long as he doesn’t go with Shipley , moran, or stanek, we should do very well

      • Kyle says:

        I actually like Shipley, he’d probably be my third choice behind Stewart and Frazier (and the top three obviously).

  9. Gino says:

    What are the chances the Pirates pick Stanek if he’s there at 14? And do you see Sean Manaea possibly dropping to the second round.

  10. Gino says:

    What are the chances the Pirates pick Stanek if he’s there at 14? And do you see Sean Manaea possibly dropping to the second round?

  11. Kyle says:

    Any feel for what might happen with Whitson? Would love for the Red Sox to take a shot at him in the 2nd round.

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