The Mock: Final

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If I hear anything major, I will update. But here it is, the final edition of The Mock. What a long strange journey it’s been. Live Chat at 9:00 PST, and then the festivities get fun around 4. I cannot appreciate your support anymore. It’s been fun.

Lets do this.

No. 1; Houston Astros
Name Position School Slot
Mark Appel RHP Stanford $7.7904M
We all go back to our first loves at some point, right? This is no lock — nothing is — but it sounds like the Astros are seriously considering taking the best player in the draft, and that’s a good thing. Moran and Gray are still possibilities here, too. 


No. 2; Chicago Cubs
Name Position School Slot
Jonathan Gray RHP Oklahoma $6.7084
If Appel does go No. 1, then I think they will likely go Gray, but Kris Bryant and Colin Moran are both feasible. I’d put the odds of Appel ending up a Cub though at 50 percent.


No. 3; Colorado Rockies
Name Position School Slot
Kris Bryant 3B/RF San Diego $5.6264
There is a rumor going around that the Rockies could be looking at Dominic Smith even stronger with this pick than they were before, but that could just be a negotiating ploy to try and rive Bryant’s price down.  


No.4; Minnesota Twins
Name Position School Slot
Kohl Stewart RHP St. Pius X High School (Tex.) $4.5444M
I think Stewart is — and should be — the selection, but I’m not as confident about this as I was a few weeks ago. The Twins are still very much considering Reese McGuire with the fourth pick, and I think they would consider Kris Bryant should he become available. Minnesota also would likely snag Gray if he were to fall to this point. 


No.5; Cleveland Indians
Name Position School Slot
Colin Moran 3B North Carolina $3.787M
They are also interested in Braden Shipley and Clint Frazier, but if Moran is still here I would be very surprised if they went in a different direction. 


No.6; Miami Marlins
Name Position School Slot
Braden Shipley RHP Nevada $3.5165M
I still think Meadows is in play — and may actually be ahead of Shipley on their boards, but I think there’s some pressure for the Marlins to take a college player. D.J. Peterson also is still in pay, and if Gray or Bryant fall here you will hear a very loud yippee in Miami. 


No.7; Boston Red Sox
Name Position School Slot
Austin Meadows OF Grayson H.S. (Ga.) $3.2465M
If one of the “big three” fall to them, that’s the obvious choice, but if Not I think they prefer the upside of Meadows over Frazier.  


No.8; Kansas City Royals
Name Position School Slot
Trey Ball LHP New Castle H.S. (Ind.) $3.1378M
Update: Ya, so that price tag apparently isn’t so appealing. I think Bickford is a possibility but I don’t think he’s going this high anymore. Ball, Crawford and Stewart all possibilities.


No.9; Pittsburgh Pirates
Name Position School Slot
Reese McGuire C Kentwood High School (Wash.) $3.0296M
Both the Pirates and Blue Jays have shown a great deal of interest in McGuire, and the only way I see the Pirates passing on him at this point is if someone like Shipley or Moran were still on the board. If McGuire were to go Minnesota, this could be Peterson, Trey Ball or Hunter Renfroe.


No.10; Toronto Blue Jays
Name Position School Slot
J.P. Crawford SS Lakewood H.S. (Calif.) $2.9214M
Apparently there’s very little interest in Frazier, though I think that’s a mistake.  Reese McGuire and Renroe are also definitely in play. 


No.11; New York Mets
Name Position School Slot
D.J. Peterson 1B New Mexico $2.8403
They’re all over the place; but if Peterson makes it past Toronto I think he’s the most likely option. Dominic Smith and Hunter Renfroe are both options here. 


No.12; Seattle Mariners
Name Position School Slot
Phil Bickford RHP Oaks Christian H.S. (Calif.) $2.7591M
If Bickford is available I think he’s the likely choice, and next on the board is D.J. Peterson. There also could be a wild-card in the mix, though I’m not sure what that name could be, hence the term wild-card.


No.13; San Diego Padres
Name Position School Slot
Clint Frazier OF Loganville H.S. (Ga.) $2.678M
I just can’t see Frazier getting past the Padres, but Hunter Renfroe, Dominic Smith and Phil Bickford are all possibilities as well. 


No.14; Pittsburgh Pirates
Name Position School Slot
Dominic Smith 1B Serra H.S. (Calif.) $2.5698M
It isn’t terribly common to see teams pick two high-school players in the first fifteen picks, but if Renfroe is off the board I think he’d be next on their board. This would also be Frazier’s floor, as well as Peterson’s.


No.15; Arizona Diamondbacks
Name Position School Slot
Hunter Renfroe OF Mississippi State $2.4345M
Gonzalez could be the pick here if Renfroe is off the board, but I think Renfroe would be too tempting to pass on this “late” in the first round.


No.16; Philadelphia Phillies
Name Position School Slot
Aaron Judge OF Fresno State $2.2993M
The Phillies will be thrilled to see Ball available at this point, and I would imagine his card comes in very quickly should he be available. Dominic Smith and Alex Balog are other alternatives, as could be Austin Wilson


No.17; Chicago White Sox
Name Position School Slot
Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas $2.164M
I haven’t actually heard Stanek’s name here, bt I think that’s mostly because of assumed availability, or lack thereof. The Anderson’s are also mentioned here frequently.


No.18; Los Angeles Dodgers
Name Position School Slot
Hunter Harvey RHP Bandys H.S. N.C.) $2.1099M
If the Dodgers could trade up ahead of the White Sox to get Stanek or Crawford  I think they would, but you can’t Which is dumb. Clarkin, Tim Anderson and a plethora of others are all being discussed here.


No.19; St. Louis Cardinals
Name Position School Slot
Chi Chi Gonzalez RHP Oral Roberts $2.0558M
They’d really like Gonzalez to fall here, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Billy McKinney is a very real possibly as well, as is Ian Clarkin and Aaron Judge. 


No.20; Detroit Tigers
Name Position School Slot
Tim Anderson RHP East Central C.C. (Miss.) $2.0017M
Crawford and Devin Williams would all be very tempting at this point for Detroit, but I think Anderson is the play if he’s still on the board. 


No.21; Tampa Bay Rays
Name Position School Slot
Nick Ciuffo C Lexington High School (S.C.) $1.9747M
Again, there are no locks in this year’s draft, but I’d be very surprised if Ciuffo isn’t the pick if he makes it past the Dodgers. 


No.22; Baltimore Orioles
Name Position School Slot
Devin Williams RHP Hazelwood West H.S. (Mo.) $1.9477M
Maybe the most difficult team to get a handle on in the first round. Alex Balog is a possibility here, Chris Anderson is in play, Austin Wilson makes sense here, and, well, just about everyone else.


No.23; Texas Rangers
Name Position School Slot
Ian Clarkin LHP Madison H.S. (Calif.) 1.9206M
Texas has always had a love affair with prep left-handed pitching. Ian Clarking is a prep left-handed pitcher. I think this would be a match made in heaven. Travis Demerrite is a real possibility, too.


No.24; Oakland Athletics
Name Position School Slot
Rob Kaminsky LHP St. Josephs Regional H.S. (N.J.) $1.8935M
Have heard Rob Kaminsky has actually passed Harvey on their board, so I don’t think they’re going to be too crushed by this. Aaron Judge and Austin WIlson all possibilities.


No.25; San Franciso Giants
Name Position School Slot
Christian Arroyo SS Hernando H.S. (Fla.) 1.8665M
Well, I said it was a hot rumor Monday, didn’t I? This would be an overdraft of about two rounds, but would allow them to be aggressive with their later selections. 


No.26; New York Yankees
Name Position School Slot
Austin Wilson OF Stanford 1.8394
This could be one of the high-school bats left, or Eric Jagielo, but I think Wilson’s upside ends up winning out here. 


No.27; Cincinnati Reds
Name Position School Slot
Jon Denney C Yukon H.S. (Okla.) 1.8124M
Chris Anderson and a plethora of hard-throwing prep pitchers are also under consideration here, but I think Denney’s too good of fit to pass on at this point. 


Pick Team Name Pos. School
28 St. Louis Matt Krook LHP St. Ignatius H.S. (Calif.)
29 Tampa Bay Marco Gonzales LHP Gonzaga
30 Texas Hunter Green LHP Warren East H.S. (Kent.)
31 Atlanta Chris Anderson RHP Jacksonville
32 New York-AL Billy McKinney OF West Plano H.S. (Tex.)
33 New York-AL Eric Jagielo 3B Notre Dame
34 Kansas City Phil Ervin OF Samford
35 Miami Travis Demeritte SS Winder-Barrow H.S. (Ga.)
36 Arizona Kyle Serrano RHP Farragut HS (TN)
37 Baltimore Alex Balog RHP San Francisco
38 Cincinnati Cody Reed LHP NW Mississippi CC 
39 Detroit Andrew Knapp C California

54. Milwaukee — Jared King / OF / Kansas State
59. L.A. Angels — Chad Pinder / 3B / Virginia Tech
68. Washington — Dustin Pederson / IF / Gilbert H.S. (Ariz.)

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