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Martinez, Edgar

Yep, a (hypothetical) Hall Of Fame Ballot

1. Yes, this is a website dedicated to the MLB Draft and prospects. 2. No, I do not have a ballot. So yes, this is entirely hypothetical. I’m surprised you even had to ask. Nevertheless, since I own this here website, I thought I’d unveil my hypothetical ballot, and get your thoughts on who you […]

Stanton, Giancarlo

The 2007 re-draft

I did this last year with the 2006 class and I had a good time making it, so I figured why not do it again. The 2007 draft was, in a word, mediocre. There’s some real quality at the top — particularly in the top three — but once you get past pick nine the […]

A new look

As most of you know, MLB-DI has had a bit of a roller-coaster ride. We were hacked something fierce right after the draft, and didn’t get back going until September. Well, we weren’t hacked, but we have had more issues, which forced a new format, and here it is. I have to make major edits […]