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Lawyer Sabine Franco discusses how she is educating young entrepreneurs to plan for their future on Adulting podcast

On the latest episode of Adulting with Naomi podcast, host Naomi Alabi sits with New York based lawyer; Sabine Franco Esq ( Popularly known on social media as @sabinethepurposelawyer.) Sabine the Purpose Lawyer’s millennial approach to legal literacy helps underserved entrepreneurs to plan for their future. Sabine Franco Esq is Chief Esquire of Franco Law Firm P.C. By trade, Sabine Franco and her team helps clients create businesses, protect properties, and plan legacies so they can be safe as they pursue their purpose.Sabine advises clients on the areas of asset protection, such as business, intellectual property, and legacy planning matters. During the interview on the Adulting with Naomi Alabi podcast, Sabine F Franco discusses the different ways that she helps everyday people learn about estate planning. So much information was shared; Naomi Alabi asked her guests questions we all want to know. Everything from: What is estate planning and who is it for?  What is a will? What is a trust? God forbid, once someone dies, where does a person’s family member start in terms of trying to find out what assets this person has? Is there a check and balance system to ensure your executor doesn’t cheat anybody or run off with your money. The conversation between Naomi Alabi and Sabine Franco naturally transitioned into Sabine’s decision to pursue a career in law in the first place.

Oftentimes especially during our younger years, we go through life simply reacting to the cards we are dealt. During the podcast, host Naomi Alabi asks Sabine Franco 

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 “What is your first memory of wanting to consciously create the life that you are living? When did you first imagine yourself as a lawyer?” 

Growing up, Sabine Franco remembers wanting to be a lawyer after seeing Ms. Huxtable on the Cosby’s. This is what we mean, when we say representation matters.  As you may know, the percentage of lawyers that are black is declining year after year. According to the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, black women specifically continue to be significantly underrepresented, making up only 1.73% of all attorneys. Diversity in legal professions has long been a delicate issue — it’s hard and uncomfortable to talk about what real diversity entails. And that calls into focus the fact that white men continue to enjoy both racial and gender privilege in the legal industry. Given law’s importance, America needs more Black lawyers. Growing up, Sabine Franco gained the confidence to imagine herself as a lawyer in response to seeing a black female lawyer represented in a television program as well as being surrounded by hard working women

Check out this episode of Adulting with Naomi to learn from the full Techniques and tactics that Sabine Franco discusses with Naomi Alabi. Naomi Alabi closes out the episode by asking Sabine Franco for any tips that she would offer her younger self to provide her with a headstart on mastering this “Adulting” thing. She of course is profound in her responses. 

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